Restaurants and pubs on The Boulevard (we are no. 13 , The Boulevard, so these are just opposite or one minute walk away):

Yamal Alsham
Lebanese restaurant
5, Imperial Wharf, The Blvd, Cheslea, London SW6 2UB Phone: 020 3010 1100.

Blue Elephant
Thai restaurant
Imperial Wharf, The Blvd, London SW6 2UB Phone: 020 7751 3111.

Beni Shoga
Korean/Japanese restuarant
Imperial Wharf, 7 The Blvd, London SW6 2UB Phone: 020 7384 3220.

Waterside Pub
The Boulevard, Imperial Wharf, Fulham, London, SW6 2SU. Phone 020 7371 0802.

Around the corner (these are 2-3 minutes walk away):


Harris and Hoole Coffee Shop
215 Townmead Rd, London, Imperial Wharf SW6 2TW. Phone: 020 7731 3520


Tesco Espress
Townmead Road London Greater London SW6 2TW. Phone: 0345 6746411

Hotel and spa in Chelsea Harbour (5 minutes walk):

Blue Harbour Spa

The Chelsea Harbour Hotel
Chelsea Harbour, London, SW10 0XG. Phone: 020 7823 3000